Monday, November 24, 2008

Ryan at the FBI Acadamy

So, yes this is my second post today but I just wanted a post about my adorable husband because I am so proud of him for working so hard at the intership of his dreams, really he is obsessed with it. His intenship ends tomorrow and then we will being heading home after the Thanksgiving holidays so here is a little of what he has been doing the last few months. His internship is at the FBI Acadamy in Quantico, VA he working in the International Training and Assistance Unit (i hope I got that right I always mess it up) anyways they plan and do all these training things for forgein country's. It's like mini crash coarses of what agents training is but for interational federal empolyees/police. For example for two weeks Ryan was with a group of police from all over Centeral America and every day got to sit in on awsome classes about gangs, street violence, how to tactically enter a room, crimes on children and terrorist crimes scense and also got to do hands on stuff with them, like role playing with guns with paint ball bullets. So pretty much he has loved his internship and I dont really understand alot of the stuff he talks about, but it sounds really cool and he is so happy and loves it :) He has also had to do crapy photo copying intern work but he says it's all worth it. So yes pretty much my husband is awsome awsome! OH! and last Friday he got to give me a tour of the Acadamy it was so cool to see and to see where he has been working and meet all the nice people he works with! Here are some pics for the tour!

Ryan in the J Edger Hover reading room at the Acadamy
Me at Hogan's Alley, this was my favorite part of the tour, Hogan's Alley is a FAKE town of several streets buildings like post office, motel, resturats, apartments, but none of it is real! it is used for training, they hiring actors to come in and play the bad guys and they role play, its practice for the agents, so cool

One of the Hogan Alley streets, loooks like there is some role play going on

At the Acadany there is the coolest memorial for 9/11 and this is part of it there is a piece of Flight #93, the Pentagon and the World Trade Center

This is the memorial, the two black thins are obviously the World Trade Centers then if you look close Pennsylvania is printed on them, and then the gray bottom is shaped like the Pentagon, then below that is the picture from above.

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Brooke said...

So... Matt my fiance wants to be an FBI agent too. In about a year and ahalf we hope to be out there at the FBI academy! :) Kind of crazy how we both married secret agents ;)