Monday, November 24, 2008

BENDA in the VA

So this was like two weeks ago, I have been slacking on my blogging, but Ben and Cynda can to see us for the weekend!!! It was so good to hang out with friends and see little Cyn, oh how I have missed her!

Arrlington Cemetery
Me and Cyn

Me and Ry and Washington D.C.

Me and Cyn at the butterfly exhibit, so cool!

Ryan and the Saber Tooth Tiger, at the Museum of Natural History, coolest museum ever!

Ben and Cyn looking up the Washington, I think this picture is so funny for some reason

yay! for D.C.

at mt. vernon

I have missed my bestie so this was a great weekend!!! They got here late Firday night so we stayed up and chated the Saturday went to Mt. Vernon in the morning it was so pretty the trees were changing colors and falling, i loved it. Then we went for a little lunch and Noodles and Co., yummy my fav! The ventured into D.C. and went to the Museum of Natural history! It was so freaking cool, I want to go back! there was so much to see we did not even get to half of it the Dinosaurs were my favorite! And so was the butterfly exhibit me and cyn went to. The museum was so cool we stayed till close and then went and walked arould to all of the D.C. memorials, which was so cool to see at night all lite up! After the long day we went home order some pizza and played Rook for way to long, i love that game. Sunday after church and some dinner we heading back up to D.C. and went to Arrlington National Cemetary, it was a beautiful day and so neat I had never been there. I could not belive how many people are buired there it seems like the cermetary keeps going and going. It made me so tahnkful for all the men that serve our country and that have died defending our freedom, I love America and I am so thankful to be an American! Thanks so much for the visit Ben and CYnda and cant wait till next week to see you at your place!!!


Cynda said...

Thank you for referring to us as Benda and also putting the pic of Ben and I looking straight up at the Washington Monument. You make me laugh. I also enjoy the post about Kristi's cake. Star Trek for life.

Cody & Brittany Hawkes said...

I looked at cynda's blog and saw cute! I love this pics..cody and I were in virginia for christmas and we were about 2 hrs away from DC I wanted to go sooo bad..looks like you guys had a blast! congrats on the wedding by the way..take care
Brittany "peck" hawkes :)