Friday, November 8, 2013

Falalalalala 2012!

Major catch up time. Blogging kind of fell behind this last year, but I wanted to document some of our high lights of the last year for journal purposes and because one day this will be made into an Evans family book... seriously some day :) So while I am online Christmas shopping for this year I might as well blog about 2012 Christmas... it was a good one!

New stocking added to the mantel for Taylor's first Christmas!

The organization we adopted Taylor from, P.A.A.C, was doing a fundraiser with Santa pictures!
So of coarse we had to join in the fun, Taylor was not amused.

Kaylee sent me this pic of Charlotte's first visit to Santa... haha looks like Santa visits where a little traumatic all around :)

1st Christmas!

Evans Family Christmas card 2012!

Goosefeathers Christmas party 2012! Pizza Oven party at Kelley's! Love these girls!

My fam :)

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