Friday, November 8, 2013

A *lovely* trip home.

February 2013

I went to Idaho for a visit and got to be home for my sweet mothers birthday and Valentines Day, it was lovely! I also got to meet FOUR of the cutest little babies ever *finally*! Got lots of Charlotte time in. Kaylee and I got Emily ready for her sweethearts dance, she looked gorgeous! Emily and I spent a day snowboarding at Targhee, a very needed to the mountains, it was good for my soul! I had fun lunch dates and girls nights with my cute in-laws and got to see all my adorable nieces and nephews. (3 new little ones, what a treat!) Had a fun game night with Grandma, my cute aunties and cousins. It was a fun pack trip home as always!!!

Oh and then there was the small factor of Ryan buying a dirt bike while I was gone... no we did not discuss this before hand. He most definitely dropped me off at the airport... took the rest of the day off... drove to Houston... bought a dirtbike... and waited to tell me about it until I was with my bestie because he knew I would be to happy to care. What a pill, but two can play that game I just need to think long and hard about what I want and when he is least expecting it... surprise ;) But he had fun with the dudes on his new bike while I was gone. :)

Meeting Mr. Tuck Moedl, love this little man!

Bestie time!

Charlotte and Aunt Nit-nie

Emily all ready for sweethearts

Targhee, best day ever!

Meeting Beckham and Baron, I could kiss these sweet cheeks all day!

A little early Valentines Day celebration at our island favorite, Black Sheep Bistro!

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