Sunday, November 4, 2012

It's a bright bright day!

Last Saturday we kicked off our Halloween celebrating at the Cortese's 11th annual Halloween party, they sure know how to throw a party! I found myself in the photo booth a few too many times after my third? helping of Dip n' Dots... 

Later that night we made it over to Ryan's co-workers, Steve & Emily's 3rd annual Chili Cook-off and Pumpkin Carving Contest and now I just really want to have some sort of Evans' annual party....


Halloween Day we dressed up for work...
Kristin Wiig's Target Lady from SNL (Rachel)
And she can nail those Kristin Wiig impressions! Funny stuff!
Rainbow Bright and her trusty sidekick (Taylor & I)

Halloween night was a little more spooky, we watch enough Walking Dead episodes to give me zombie nightmares the rest of the week. And of course munched on bags of candy that trick-or-treats never claimed along with some peach cobbler (Ryan's request) with Blue Bell ice cream (my request). Until next year, Halloween!

Taylor looks just too cute in this one!

Litte T was such a good sport!

What is a blog post with out some adorable pictures of nieces and nephews...

Pebbles (Anistion), Minnie Mouse (Charlotte)
Football Player (Beckham, Little Devil (Baron)

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Jason + Whitni said...

Whit I haven't blog stalked you in ages!Looks like you two are living the dream! Love and miss ya girl. Oh and I LOVE blue bell ice cream! I first tried it here in GA. Obsessed!