Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spring has Sprung!

First things first, I am so excited it's Spring!!! I flipped through my InStyle Mag today while laying out and there where SO many fun colors and prints it just made me absolute giddy!!!

Its been an exciting two weeks over here, having a new little puppy definitely makes for a
lot of entertainment and work! Here are a few shots of our sweet little Taylor, we just adore her...

A few other highlights...
Ryan was sick.
Then I got sick.... boring.
Then Ryan went hunting somewhere in the middle of texas and murdered a hog.


Taylor got her second set of puppy shots and was such a champ!
I like the rest of the world wanted to see the Hunger Games last night... I loved it, and Ryan liked it!
We bought our 3rd Beach Pass... I can't believe this will be our 3rd summer living in Texas, crazy.
And we enjoyed our first trip of the year to the beach. (I have been waiting patiently for all of the spring break madness to die down). It was well worth the wait and a perfect 80 degrees out today!

Happy Spring Bloggers!!!

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Paige Broadbent said...

I laughed out loud- because you said "murdered a hog". What a macho-man.Kevin thinks hunting is so fun and cool- I do not get it.