Wednesday, August 31, 2011

love birds

Ryan and I celebrated our 3 year anniversary last weekend! It's been a great 3 we have had 3 graduations, lived in 3 states, and have only had 3 disagreements. I joke, i joke. But really I just ador this guy!

So for our anniversary we spent a 3 day weekend up in Austin. It was our first time going and I fell in LOVVVE with that city!!! Ryan was super hesitant about going there. He kept saying "I hear it's just one big hippie town." And here I am thinking "I know right!" ohhh how we differ. Anyways once I told Ryan there were awesome swimming holes all around Austin he was on board and we both a fab weekend!

We got to stop at the beautiful San Antonio Temple on are way up to Austin.

 Barton Springs Swimming Hole just out side the city. Quick story, so we had heard that this water was freezing but us being from Idaho and all, where you put on your swimmers and jump in ice cold lakes at the first chance of any warmth from the sun after a long winter, well we thought we could handle it like champs. So we get there and cautious Ryan dips his toe in to check the temp and looks back at me and says "oh it's not bad at all!" So because I am a super trusting wife I cannon ball right it, it felt like I was punched in the face, got the wind knocked out of me and all my muscles cramped up at the same time, it was SO cold SO freaking cold. When I finally make my way up for a breath Ryan is cracking up a refuses to get it because it was so cold. brat. Then we enjoyed watching other people get in for the first time with pained expressions on their face for the rest of the day, why is it so funny watch stuff like that? Later we went back to the hotel and enjoyed the beautiful pool while playing all the best little kid pool games.
The Capitol, I loved how this city was set up, there is the funniest street full of awesome restaurants and shops that goes straight through downtown and up to the capitol. We check out all the local places like...
 an awesome old fashion soda shop and candy store...
 tons and tons of amazing vintage clothing stores, some antique stores and super cool disguise store...
Oh and of coarse we our hearts out from a local wing place for ry to burgers and shakes(my nutella and pretzel shake pictures oh my yummyness), mexican food, pizza and my favorite Moonshine Brunch!

I love exploring new places! And I love long weekends, road trips and mini-vaca's.


Oh summer where ever did you go? Pretty sure this is the palest I have ever been at the end of a summer, I am a bit embarrassed. But to be completely honest I am so OVER summer (after this weekend of fun in the sun) and then I will be ready for the cold weather that I know will never come! I even bought myself some over the knee boots that I have been eyeing, can't wait for my first chance to wear them!

Homesickness, that  pretty much sums up my mood as of late. Why does Texas and Idaho have to be forever away from each other? And when did I become a grown up and have all these responsibilities that make it so I can't take off in a drop of a hat, seriously that came out of no where. Recently my sweet cousin/friend Ryan passed away, it seriously broke my heart not to able to be with my family during this hard time.  He was so young only 21 and it was all so sudden and unexpected. It's still strange to me that the happy boy I grew up with at our family Sunday afternoons, family vacations and weekends on the ski hills has moved on from this life, I love him and will miss him.

On a happier note I am so look forward to my next visit home for some much needed family time and to welcome a new beautiful niece into this world!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Help

I LOVED this book, it really is a must read. Full of social injustice, you will being crying, laughing and even cheering. It really makes you step back and look at the way you live and the things you do just because "that is how they are done." Great story, well written, and a book you won't want to put down!

Okay now the movie, different than the book but still a great movie. How could it not be it has such an important message and it's really just a great story. I found the movie a little more "light" and "happy" than the book but it still got its point across. I would recommend both the book and the movie but especially the book :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


my niece is cuter than yours...

okay okay i am sure you all have super cute nieces too
but seriously look at that face!
Sorry for stealing all of these pictures of your child Janae :)

So ignore Nicole's nasty cig and tell me should my hair look like this??? Like soon. YES I have been growing out my hair for eons, but i hate it. LOVE long hair, hate mine (a year + of growing down the drain), its too thin and blah. Time to go back short??? After seeing this picture I am thinking yes!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


"Grief, the sense of suffering that accompanies loss, is a common part of mortality as we lose loved ones or experience other tragedies. Because Jesus Christ has suffered the pains and afflictions of all mankind, we can be comforted and healed as we pray to the Father in His name and rely upon His Atonement."

Tonight I am comforted by the Atonement and the FACT that families can be together forever.