Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Oh summer where ever did you go? Pretty sure this is the palest I have ever been at the end of a summer, I am a bit embarrassed. But to be completely honest I am so OVER summer (after this weekend of fun in the sun) and then I will be ready for the cold weather that I know will never come! I even bought myself some over the knee boots that I have been eyeing, can't wait for my first chance to wear them!

Homesickness, that  pretty much sums up my mood as of late. Why does Texas and Idaho have to be forever away from each other? And when did I become a grown up and have all these responsibilities that make it so I can't take off in a drop of a hat, seriously that came out of no where. Recently my sweet cousin/friend Ryan passed away, it seriously broke my heart not to able to be with my family during this hard time.  He was so young only 21 and it was all so sudden and unexpected. It's still strange to me that the happy boy I grew up with at our family Sunday afternoons, family vacations and weekends on the ski hills has moved on from this life, I love him and will miss him.

On a happier note I am so look forward to my next visit home for some much needed family time and to welcome a new beautiful niece into this world!

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Courtney Morris said...

I always wonder when where I grew up will feel like less home than where Jordan and I are living at that time. Growing up is weird.