Wednesday, September 14, 2011


What started as my bestie coming to visit me quickly turned into a good little chunk of are awesomely hard-core friends coming to visit us last week. They are the BEST! And it was awesome! We mostly swam and made fun of each other, you know the usual.

Day ONE we rounded everyone up from their flights and headed to San Antonio. We caught the end of the Boise state game at some sports bar on the the Riverwalk for the dudes. We stayed on the Riverwalk that night, there was lots of giggling and not much sleeping

Day TWO we went to Schlitterbahn, the largest waterpark in the US!!! And it was a bit of a let down with 2 hour long lines. boo. But we made our own fun on the lazy river/wave pool making up our our games like "get'm in there" and battling the rapids chain game. Yep we are truly twelve year olds.

Day THREE. We did the Alamo and the Riverwalk in San An and then rushed to Corpus to play at the beach! Highlight of the day, Allyx and I beating John in a intellectual battle. That's right Purdue grad WE are smarter!

Day FOUR. A full day at the beach which turned into Corncce day. Whats Corncee? Well its an awesome game we made up using bocce balls mixed with corn hole rules and fortress building.

Game 1. Matt, Chase & Dave vs. Ryan, Dan & Chon. It was a close game but R, D & C came out with the W. Winners play the girls team (Whittney, Allyx, Nattie ohh & Chase) and the girl destroy the boys team. Boo-yeah team Texas Forever (girls team) = Corncee Champs!

rosemaria our turtle

texas forever

proof of our awesomeness

We missed our friends that could not come because of our lack of planning we are the worst and missed you fools!

I leave you with some video footage of Corncce!


Allyx and Dan said...

LOVE IT. so much fun. miss your face off.

chelse said...

looks like so much fun! Yea for good friends.