Monday, June 20, 2011


"Mawwage. Mawwage is what bwings us together today. Wove, twue wove...
So tweasure your woves forever."

Princess Bride quote...I can quote this movie a lot BUT I have never seen it. That is when you know that other people quote it a little to much ha. Like Dumb and Dumber for example, LOVE that movie. Ryan and I were watching it tonight while battleing it out in 5 Crowns (ryan won) when I relalized somthing I say a lot is acutally from that movie {how bout a hug??}... i like hugs. anyways. One more sidenote, tonight I learned that the blind boy from dumb and dumber the one that they sell their dead bird to, was in the MTC with Ryan. RANDOM.

Okay for reals now Marriage. 
Andy and Allyson's

happy couple



cute littles

my love

the bride and I


red velvet cake
BEST wedding cake ever!

LOVE her

and her

he looks pretty cute with a baby...

Andy & Allyson got hitched! Andy is Ryan’s younger brother and last Evans to get married! They got married in the Idaho Falls Temple and had their reception at the Idaho Falls Art Center on the river, which was SUCH a cute place to have it. Allyson looked absolutely gorgeous and I am so excited to have another awesome sister-in –law.


Courtney Bartlett Morris said...


The Tolmans said...

How funny about the blind boy from Dumb and Dumber, he is actually my former boss' little brother. I met him a couple years ago when he came to visit my boss in Utah :) Small world huh!

Janae Evans said...

It was such a fun week! I love all those pics they are so cute...

Amber said...

So fun! She looks beautiful and so do you! I love weddings :)