Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oooh Tomato, Potato, Tomato, Potato

Now it's time for some witty back-and-forth banter

Ohyou don't know what's good for bad!


Ryan and I watched it three times this weekend
ya three its that funny okay!
Friday, Saturday and Sunday. anyways...

We also had some visitors! Oh how I love it when people visit!
My cousins Keirsten and Keasha and there their little boys came down for a stay.
We partied at the beach all day Saturday and now I am paying for it.
TOO MUCH SUN, my poor skin is fried!


Paige Broadbent said...

Kevin and I say Ollo all the time too- Megamind! Love it! Cute beach pics!

chelse said...

so fun and warm! Ry's is the 22nd. I don't know what to do for sure, but I was thinking about an outside dinner with friends like setting our dining table in a field or on top of a main street building and making it all sweet looking and chill. Will a guy like that? honestly I don't know what we could do fun... any ideas

Rachel said...

the beach? jealous. and megamind was one of the most hilarious movies i've ever seen! didn't think it would be that funny. i love that he attended "schuul"

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

GREAT pics! How fun! I'm jealous. We are still having rain downpoors in UT. Send the sunlight.