Thursday, March 3, 2011

little fact about me:
i am the worlds worst decorator 
first word that comes to mind awkward
i struggle
not being able to paint does not improve the situation
our apartment needs some major help
so i am going to give decorating a try
worst case i hate it, and take it all down, right?
so bare with me in this post and many to come
as I finally try to pull together our home.
No laughing, okay maybe a little because well i am too.

Project 1: Kitchen

I wanted color, bright colors 
pretty much I want it to look like my favorite antro dish towels
so i used them
for wall art....

 finished project

3 easy steps
Step 1: iron flat dish towel
Step 2: use clear thumb tacks to pin dishtowel around the canvas
Step 3: hang on the wall

 Played around with adding a bit more color.
 Still looking for a dish tower to display some of my colorful dishes.
and that's all i have for now!

1 comment:

Allyx and Dan said...

SOOO cute! it looks great! I love all your bright things! Super super cute. I'm def. going to be copying you a little once we get a place! :)