Tuesday, January 18, 2011

the 5 w's

my blog

when: made it in 2008
why: Cynda made me, she said now that I was engaged I HAD to have a blog
where: BYU-I library
who: Cynda and I made it
what: What, that is the big question, what is this blog about? It's partially for far away family and friends to keep up on our lives. But it is also part Whittney's random thoughts, travels, recipes, wish lists, movie reviews, personal book club, television shows, spiritual thoughts, story telling, pictures, food posts, june, a creative outlet which I mostly post all of that on my June blog now. Pretty much this blog is a big jumbled mess of Whittney. One thing I have not tried yet is a fashion post. I am thinking about it, I love clothes way too much. One of the bloggers I followed did a whole month of fashion posts. It was awesome. February is a shorter month maybe I will try it.


Ben and Cynda said...

hahaha. But aren't you glad you have one.

sistersue said...

I love keeping up with what's going on in your life through your blog. It makes it seem like you are still here in Idaho :)