Monday, December 6, 2010

and uhh... world peace!

a few things I don't really understand....
maybe you do?

beauty pageants. I don't really understand the point and they seem well just kind of vain. Don't get me wrong I LOVE getting all dressed up and pretty things just as much as the next girl. I just really don't understand the point of showcasing your self to an audience. I find Beauty Pageants for little girls even more strange. All the make-up they put on their cute little faces just looks freakish, like on the movie Little Miss Sunshine. BUT in all fairness I HAVE never been to one or had any part in one, the closest I have come to one of these is watching Miss Congeniality. Which I loved by the way. That movie kind of gave me the impression that it is about girl bonding kind of a thing? Or is it more of a tradition? Do people do it for the scholarships? I think it is silly to form a opinion based only from what I see in movies so enlighten me people. What's the deal with them?

facebook poking. Is it flirty, funny, is it like saying hi, or is just as creepy to you?

changing a tire. I have been taught several times, but it still seems such an impossible task to me. Maybe I just need a girl to teach me next time?

And completely off topic, if any of you hear about Taylor Swift taking friend applications please pass along the information to me because I think I would be perfect for the job.


Sourire said...

haha i LOVE your new blog header photo you posted! cracking me up :) and I also do not know how to change a tire. I did however compete in a pageant once, haha.. it was a funny thing. annnd facebook poking i have no idea either!

Che' and Amber said...

Ha ha!! Oh Whitt you crack me up. I find poking to be CREEPY, yes. I just don't do it. Changing a tire, well just don't ask me ok because I'll screw it up. Love the new pic on your blog, you make such a cute rudolph! OH and I peace please!

Shay said...

I don't understand "poking" either! Such an odd thing to do. I suck at changing tires and beauty pageants are ridiculous. Really ridiculous!