Sunday, November 28, 2010

its a wonderful day for pie

Team Evans
in our cozy kitchen
there was a little bumping into each other with two chefs

Ry working on his Turkey, me mixing up some sweet potato casserole yummm my fav!

The results....

two very full bellies

We did go see hp.
It was round two for me
here I am dressed as Luna Lovegood at the midnight premier with my friend Ginny Wesley aka Jessi

and the impossible happened, Ryan loved the movie and said "i am now inspired to read the rest of the books (4-7) and watch the rest of the movies(1-6) with with you." Wahhoooo We watched HP1 Fridday :)

It was a nice, quiet, relaxing thanksgiving with just me and my partner in crime, I sure love him. And we sure missed our families, it was strange not being surrounded by our loved ones, maybe next year!

 So many things to be thankful for, we are truly blessed!
Hope you all had a fab Thanksgiving!


Allyx and Dan said...

Food looks so good! I'm so impressed! Also I can't believe Ryan is on the Potter train... thats AWESOME! Lets get him to dress up for the next movie!

Samantha Polson said...

Your dinner looks absoulutly PERFECT! You guys are too cute! Have a wonderful holiday season!

mb said...

ahhhhhh!!!! I have to relay the news to scott..maybe it will inspire him to read as well.

Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I love your HP costume! I loved it too. What a fun Thankgiving meal. You are talented Whit

sistersue said...

We MISSED you both on Thanksgiving day. We went to see Harry Potter after dinner and Connor and I loved it, Brad not so much. Can't wait to see you for Christmas.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

just stumbled across your blog &wanted to say I LOVE your wedding dress... adorable :)