Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Compass Rose

Friday i had the day off, i lovvvve my days off. usually they mean getting stuff done but Friday was just an enjoyable day. My day, from the end to the beginning, why not?

We ended the night playing settlers with our friends and watch "The nightmare before Christmas" first time i had seen it and i loved it. But after it was one of those movie that i just kept thinking why have i not seen this before?!?

Before that I had quite the impulse buy...
Ryan said that this was the best purchase i have ever made (he is just happy that he does not have to play photographer anyone) because now i have a model to put my clothes on and I can take the pictures my self. i love it, its perfect i can even pin stuff i am making to it, which means i will hopefully be getting less pin pricks. Her name is Gisele.

i found this gem in a store that was going out of business next door to the cafe i had lunch at with my friend. Cafe Heaster's.

OH MY GOSH. i did not stop talking about this place all day long, ask Ryan he had to listen to me. When you find something awesome and you want to share it with the ones you love right? (if anyone comes to visit us in south texas we will take you :) So naturally i tell Ryan how we have to go back asap so he can try it and his reply... oh ya that place is great i went there a about two MONTHS ago with the guys from work, i thought you would like it.... WHAT!?! and you never told me..... ohhh its sooo good though.

BEFORE that lovely lunch i went to the fabric store and got...
love them.

And before that, I went to my very first...
Estate sale!!! Jessica & I woke up super early and drove outside of Corpus to the estate sale. I was excited cause this one had a lagre sewing room in it and was hoping to get a serger no luck but I did find these treasures.

BOX of thread $5
Bottle of vintage buttons $4.00
Box of every kind of elastic imaginable $4.00

happy fridays are the best!

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Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

Sounds like my kind of day!! Where are you working down there??