Monday, September 6, 2010

cup of tea?

okay so I a gave up on that whole answering questions thing ya ya i only lasted a few days

the hub: has been yelling at the t.v. all night but is now extremely happy that BSU won
me: just being my usual awesome self
and thinking about how i can make this clock...
i am obsessed with it!

i am now collecting tea cups/plates hopefully by the time i get 12 i will have figured a good plan of attack for the clock

3 day weekends are the best

tropical storm is headed our way, this makes me a little nervous

okay thats all


Chelsea Lynn Irons said...

I hope you can complete that clock because I am sure it would be adorable!

I think everyone was watching the BSU game. Gotta love idaho

Brad&Stevie said...

So totally off subject but I wanted to ask you about your sweater bands that you make. I coach cheerleaders and wanted to know how much it would cost me for you to custom make some for me. I also want to buy some stuff for me but I left my list at home so I will tell you those later! I have 29 girls all together. Let me know what you think.

Whittney and Ryan said...

Hey girl so i hope you find this for some weird reason i have never been able to write comments on your blog. Which is a total bummer cause I always love reading about your life and then i can't even say hey! So YES we totally to custom orders and would LOVE to make some for your cheer girls what a cute idea! I also don't have your e-mail but here is mine ( and we can talk prices and COLORS and what you are looking for! You coach at Twin right? Anyways, look forward to hearing from you!

Allyx and Dan said...

That clock is AMAZING! I hope you make it. You have to send me pics when you do. Dan went to a buddies house for the BSU game so I wasn't there for his screaming and jumping up and down. But I've never seen him so excited about something.

So I haven't checked any blogs in forever but I love all your posts! I really like 30 days of blogging. If I ever get better at updating then I'm gonna do that!!

Anonymous said...

Ikea has a kids set :)

chelse said...

that is super cute. let me know how you make it and maybe I'll have to try it out!