Friday, January 8, 2010

shine shine -hm

Okay first things first, i GRADUATED from college!!! December 18th was the big day, finally the last four years of slaving away at BYU-I have paid off! I graduated with a major in Communication with an advertising emphasis and did two clusters instead of a minor one in sociology ( i love learning about people) and the other in Recreational management (yep a bit random.) I had sooo much support though out my college career and also at my graduation as you can see below. My amazing hub put up with a lot of my school related panic attacks about how "there is no way i can get all of this done in time." i said this weekly but if you asked him he would prob say daily. Also my grandma and grandpa Price, and grandma Potter came they have always been so supportive of me and are great examples who i have always looked up to. All of my siblings were there to show there support. And last but definitely not least my mom and dad, i really could have not accomplished this with out their help and support. I am so thankful to have to great parents who love me and always support me in my decisions. I also love the diamond necklace they gave my for graduation, it is perfect!

Next Christmas! My most favorite time of the year, that i did not take one picture of, NOT one! i am so mad with my self. We had a great christmas!!! Ryan and I were both spoiled and I got everything I wanted and more!!! We had lots of family time , saw friends we have not seen in a long time a ATE too much!

We also had the annual Potter family seafood dinner, my Grandma is the best always making these delicious and fun meals for the family get together. Here are all the girls cousins minus Kari and Lexi (we are way out numbered by the boys!)

At carinos graduation time usually means some one leaving and moving on with there lives, the end of this semester 4 of my favorite girls who have been around as long as I have left :( These girls making working there so much more fun, I will miss them! So we had to have a girls good-bye lunch!

First, Allyx & I with all the girls leaving Rachel, Michelle and Chelase. Next, all the girls, Last the fourth girl leaving the one that makes me baby hungry, Rachel's little girl!

And finally ringing in the new year! We had a party it was fun.

We partied with Trav & Janae, Dan and A rock, we were there of coarse and also, Kaylee and Shelby!
We played some pictionary...
some around the world ping pong....
we also played rock band and our NEW wii! Super Mario Brothers is so sweet!
We also ate like kings.
I am excited for what 2010 will bring us!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and fun new year!


Rachel said...

Love that you added in about Brielle. I keep talking to Bren about job hunting, it gives me anxiety. Oh well something good will turn up. Have you heard anything about Ryan's job?

Amber and Che said...

So fun!!! I love all your pics and how they're set up. SO cute!

MB said...

COLLEGE GRADUATE! Now when you say something super intelligent you can follow it up with, "yeah, I went to college."

Courtney Bartlett Morris said...

SO jealous you are graduated!! Congrats lady! I think your friend allyx is in one of my advertising classes, I need to be friends with her she seems cute.