Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We had a zombie themed halloween this year, starting first with painting zombie pumpkins next shooting the zombie pumpkins! Last Thursday Dan & Allyx, My little brother and his date Lindee, Ryan and I went out to shot our zombie painted, tomato juice filled pumpkins. It's so weird my baby brother is old enough to date now, he is too cute and such a little gentleman.
Next we dressed up as zombies on Halloween day! We worked all day like every Saturday but it was fun to dress up! We overloaded on the fake blood and I was bad at not smiling, zombies don't smile but i like too. It was a happy halloween with LOTS of candy!

Our flag football season is over :( it's too bad cause we had an awesome team! Even though all the refs hated us and made lots of unfair calls. They think we play dirty and have dirty mouths, I say we are passionate and there is nothing wrong with that. LAst semester also means last semester to play flag football, so sad! I will miss playing intermurals from flag football to co-ed softball and the b v. g lazer tags games after the games.
we all had sweet nicknames on our backs mine:
weak sauce (it's ironic because its so not true)


The Ortons said...

Your makeup is awwwwesome. I love all the zombies. Did the blood come out of clothes? or are all those items now official halloween clothing?

Whittney and Ryan said...

thanks sarah! haha yep they are definitely official Halloween clothes now!

MB said...

Did you know that you and allyx always have like the same posts? It makes me laugh actually. I love the zombies. I would probably be dreaming about it for days. Sometimes Scott makes creepy noises like the zombies do in dawn of the dead and I literally freak out.

You guys did a GOOD job. Applause for you.

Whittney and Ryan said...

haha you are so right MB i just checked out Allyx's blog and they are identical, maybe we should just combine our blogs

Allyx and Dan said...

haha we do have twin posts. well great minds think alike I guess. :)

Lord Stanley said...

I had a vision that you guys moved to SLC & then Ryan & I discovered cold fusion.... make it so.