Thursday, October 15, 2009

dear blog,

i am sad we have not been able to hang out much as of latley. You see my life is a little hectic at the moment, between my 17 credits, working, my new gym membership, my church calling, trying to be a good wife, making time to play with flag football and sofball team. You see that is why i have been neglecting you, not that i want to, i love updating you on my life and all. One day (two months from now) i will have more time to update you about my, oh so exciting life, and tell you all about my amazing trip i still have paris, london and ireland to post about you know. But untill then i will try my best, but if you were wondering where i dissarpered to, now you know

bye for now-whit

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MB said...

Hey. I don't want to hear that, give me UPDATES, not promises!