Tuesday, August 11, 2009


My HERO/childhood best friend Riquel is the most amazing dancer i have ever seen! After high school she moved to L.A. to follow her dream of making a name for herself in dance, and she has done just that!!!! this is a pic of me visiting her there two years ago, it was amazing go from watching her dance in the studio she grew up in and the dance studio at her house to a dance studio in L.A. surround by other talents dancers, she has been working hard at her dream her whole life and in L.A. for the last few years and now the world gets to see what an amazing dancing she is!! Riqi is part of an all girl dance crew called WE ARE HEROES and they made it on to the 4th season of MTV's Americas Best Dance Crew! i am so proud of her and all her hard work to get her to this point, and i am so excited to watch her dance every Sunday! The season premier was last sunday and they rocked it below is a short chip about their crew, their performance and what the judges had to say about them! i love you Riqi!!!


umm so i dont know how to upload a youtube video, but if you copy and paste it works :)

Riqi is in the green shirt for the first part of the movie, and the pink skirt for the performance!

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Mary Dawn said...

I totally watched it, and that is so awesome of your friend!