Sunday, January 25, 2009

sticky buddies

Finally some pics for Dave and Stephs wedding it was beautiful, the San Diego temple is my fav the reception was right by the beach, I loved her colors so her! Steph looked gorgeous Dave was looking alright too. We got to see lots of are friends, Scott, MB, Dave aswell?, Chase, Levi, Jarom I got to meet Toby and see a lot of his wardrobe. Also we got to spend about 24 hours in the car with Dan and Allyx which is where the sticky buddies come in. It was B v. G, Dan and Ryan were sticky buddies for the trip and Allyx and I were sticky buddies. awesome.
isn't her hair gorgeous!
some of the boys
girls rule
the married couples minus the newly married couple

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The S.S. Minnow said...

WHITTTTTTTTTTT. You're gorgeous and I found your blog through MARY'S! I didn't even know you were married :( im a bad friend. But you are looking absolutely gorgeous. and i love it. i love you. hope all is well. love ya/miss ya.