Monday, January 5, 2009

before and after the 40 hour drive

we are back in Idaho!!! But I will back up a little bit because I have been slacking on my blog...
Thanksgiving = amazing
It was my first Thanksgiving being away from family which was different but we had such a fun thanksgiving with Scotty and MB they came down from New York and John and Jenna from Ohio we all stayed in our apt. on air mattress, toured the D.C. area, learned to play settlers, drank Mountain Dew, went to Taylor Hansen house for thanksgiving dinner which was amazing! Us girls got to watch Twilight again and the boys giggled and giggled it was really kind of silly they are in love with each other. Sadly my camera only likes me sometimes these days, so I have no pictures of thanksgiving (refer to Scotty and MB's blog for those, Maribeth takes amazing pictures i am jealous of her talent)
After thanksgiving we packed up all of are stuff into the car had our last Sunday in Virgina. We meet some of the nicest people ever out there, it was kinda sad to leave I will miss them.
And the 40 hour drive begins...
First stop Cynda's. We get there late and hang out a bit the next morning and then we are off to see the city! yes, New York City I cant tell you how excited I was, I have always wanted to go there and yes it was everything I hoped for! Scott even ditched out on work a lot for two days and showed me and Ryan all over the city! Thankfully my camera was working or this blog would be starting to get boring!



loved it

the temple

ryan's favorite Wicked song "Drummer Boy"
Times Square
Got to have a Subway pic?
the boys

And Wicked is the top picture cause I think that was my favorite thing we did there, we even listened to the soundtrack for the rest the drive to Idaho. Thanks for going with us Cynda, Maribeth and Scott!
Our next stop was Ohio to stay with John and Jenna and eat there favorite pizza, miss them! Then finally made it to Utah and got to see out friends and go to Steph's bridal shower she got so much cute stuff! I also got to do lunch with Kristi when I was there, oh how I miss her!!! Then finally HOME.
We were home for Christmas and we have been able to spend lots of time with both our family's. It is so nice to be home! oh, and I finally got to meet Ryan's brother Andy who was on his mission when we got married, which I was nervous to meet him don't know why but it all went good, he is awesome awesome.
Day After Christmas = on the road again!
We got to take another road trip this time with our friends Dan and Allyx to California to our friends Dave and Stephanie's wedding it was so beautiful... i will post the pics soon!

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Stephanie said...

This was such a fun post to read! I can't believe how much you both have driven these past few months... we really appreciate you being in CA though! can't wait to see you again - soon!!