Tuesday, July 1, 2008

i got the rock at the rock

So June 25 was one of the top three best days of my life, i went swimming with ryan at our favorite place, monkey rock. I was just taking my time cause we had all day taking pics putting on sunscreen. Meanwhile Ryan is standing at the end of the water telling me to hurry it up and acting a little funny. So we swam into the FREZZING cold water, and ryan convinced me to go all the way under so we could swim under the waterfall. Once we were under he made me lead the way to the place were you can touch and not have water pouring all over you (which was a little funny too know that i think about it cause he always goes though first to help me, anyways). Finally we are behind and i can get some air when Ryan drops down on one knee (head barley above the water) a screams "WILL YOU MARRY ME" and slips a ring on my finger. Several minutes later after i stop screaming (which he toke as a yes, because i don't think i actually said it out loud) he said some really cute stuff about wanting to spend forever with me and ya it was cute ;)