Sunday, November 22, 2009

The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear

Thank you buddy the Elf... that is my new plan of attack to get my bahumbug husband excited for Christmas this year. Today the christmas decorations went up, it was our first time and it was fun. Oh i am so excited for the holidays!!! Thanksgiving in four days and we leave tomorrow for St. George/ Vegas.

Also can i just say that New Moon made me so happy, i want to go again STAT.
I went to the movie wearing an Edward shirt because Edward in the book is just dreamy, but I left the movie wanting a Jacob shirt...

i mean seriously....
Taylor Lautner you have made me a
Jacob fan and even made me tear up when
when you were asking Bella to choose you,
because I knew she couldn't.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Pictures with Ryan's Family!

Ry's aunt took them she is awesome

Sunday, November 8, 2009

the list

How cool would it be to have a gigantic library in your house like in Beauty and the Beast, where there are ladders to climb and endless books to read. i want one.

Lately i just want to read, lots, but don't have that much time at least not for another 4 weeks and then I can get started on my list of books I want to read. It keeps growing faster than I can read them, but one day I will.

the list
in no specific order

The Other Boleyn girl
Pride and Prejudice
Wuthering Heights
Huckleberry Finn

Marie Antoinette: The Journey

Secret Life of Bees

The hundred secret senses

Work and the Glory


Chronicles of Narnia

The count of Monte Cristo

The Difference Maker

Series of Unfortunate Events

Les Miserables

Stand for Something

The Kite Runner

Anne Frank

Gone with the Wind

The Hunger Games (currently reading)

Catching Fire (next)

Sense and Sensibility

Feel free to add some more of your favorites to my list

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

tv junkie

usually i am not much of a t.v. person, i like to get a season after it is over and be able to watch the whole thing on my time schedule. But not this fall maybe i am making up for not having a t.v. last fall? who knows, but right now i am a little obsessed with a few great shows...
they are really very different and a great mix i think...
the first
The office
enough said, this show is just ridiculously funny


i would almost venture to say that this is my favorite, but I can't. It is the first season and I hope it never ends it is hilarious and the musical numbers are to die for. YOu will just have to watch it to see how awesome it is, you won't regret it.


Flash Forward
nope not the old school disney show (although i love that one too) this is another show on its first season. Its an intense show that always keeps you wondering, kind like 24 but better! The whole world blacks out for two minutes all at the same time and sees a part of their future! Its a cool show and even Ryan likes it!

gossip girl, of coarse
i just love following the lives of these upper-east siders. I have enjoyed this season so far! i LOVE that Chuck and Blair are a couple, okay i am just in love with Chuck. I am not so sure about Hillary Duff being on the show every time she talks I just think Lizzie Mcguire.

okay don't make fun of me for this one, but I just love it when this happens to be on! I don't think i will ever grow out of the Disney channel no matter how much Ryan or my dad make fun of me for it. It makes me happy, Selena Gomez + magic you can't go wrong!


We had a zombie themed halloween this year, starting first with painting zombie pumpkins next shooting the zombie pumpkins! Last Thursday Dan & Allyx, My little brother and his date Lindee, Ryan and I went out to shot our zombie painted, tomato juice filled pumpkins. It's so weird my baby brother is old enough to date now, he is too cute and such a little gentleman.
Next we dressed up as zombies on Halloween day! We worked all day like every Saturday but it was fun to dress up! We overloaded on the fake blood and I was bad at not smiling, zombies don't smile but i like too. It was a happy halloween with LOTS of candy!

Our flag football season is over :( it's too bad cause we had an awesome team! Even though all the refs hated us and made lots of unfair calls. They think we play dirty and have dirty mouths, I say we are passionate and there is nothing wrong with that. LAst semester also means last semester to play flag football, so sad! I will miss playing intermurals from flag football to co-ed softball and the b v. g lazer tags games after the games.
we all had sweet nicknames on our backs mine:
weak sauce (it's ironic because its so not true)